Its that time of the year again, when i can indulge in guilt free shopping sprees. Well me and eight zillion other people, seeing how crowded the shopping malls are these days. EID shopping is quickly becoming a fast way to a debt ridden October for me.

I like shopping at my own pace looking through tons of things before finally settling on the ones i want. Crowded malls are therefore not my favourite place in the world. I decided to check out ETC Fashion Exclusives, a store that opened earlier this year. The store with its open walkways and contemporary layout seemed like the perfect place for me to shop without being trampled under a crowd of shoppers.

The store carries clothing lines from well-known Indian designers such as Ritu Kumar, Satyapaul, Rohit Bal, Anamika Khanna, Shobha De and Biba. Bangladeshi fashion is well represented by designers such as Shahrukh Amin, Humaira Khan, Sabina Panni, Tootli Rahman and many more. They also carry a line of high-end diamond jewellery by ‘Jagirdaar’ who claim to work with diamonds from conflict-free zones.

Since this is my first Eid since I started working, I was in a position to shell out big bucks for designer wear.I loved the collection of sarees in materials like chiffon,crepe,muslin and jamdani. I loved Tootli Rahman’s muslin sarees in hand painted floral motifs. The colours were so summery and the patterns reminded me of beautiful flowers of spring. Shahrukh Amin’s embroidered muslin sarees were absolutely fantastic. As usual I spent the longest time looking through Satyapaul’s sarees, I just love how chic they are. But sadly I was not looking to buy a saree, since I only wear them to weddings and very formal events. I was looking for a nice shalwar-qameez. I was looking for something different, I was tired of all the stores carrying the same designs. I bought a black and white printed crepe shalwaar-qameez from Humaira Khan’s collection. I loved the simplicity of the pattern and the fact that it was devoid of any embellishments. Overly embellished clothes are so passe.

As I was leaving the store with my nicely wrapped up Eid present to myself, I looked back at the hand-painted muslin sarees from Tootli Rahman and decided that I must get something from this collection. So I went to her house the next day where she was having an Eid sale and asked if I could have a qameez made in the same pattern as the saree from the store. To my delight, my wish was granted. I am expecting my custom made hand painted muslin qameez in a week.

My shopping spree is not over yet, I still have presents to buy for my parents and friends and cousins and a whole lot of other people. I have a list. I will get to it soon. I am just much better at shopping for things that would make really good presents for me rather than finding what I was looking for other people.