VOGUE has drawn criticism for its 16-page spread on an array of luxury items from Fendi, Burberry, Miu Miu and more modeled by “real people”.

Many Articles have appeared on this issue including in The Independent and The New York Times.

VOGUE India Aug'08

VOGUE India Aug

When I first saw the photos, I found the juxtaposition of these luxury brands in the context of poverty very intriguing. I loved the grainy quality of Jean-Francois Campos’ photographs. High fashion broke class barriers. It was a welcome change to see real people on the pages of VOGUE instead of the usual posse of super(?) models. I consider it a valiant attempt by the Vogue India team to bring these status-symbol brands down from their celestial podium.

The captions of the photos contain the name of the brands displayed and no names of the people in them.Many have argued that this is a ridicule of the class difference between India’s rich and its urban poor.

VOGUE India Aug'08

VOGUE India Aug2008

Do you think that VOGUE is making a mockery of the underprivileged or is it just an artistic expression bringing fashion to the masses?

Is fashion making a calculated shift towards a more materialistic neo-imperial global system?