My love for fashion started when i first tried on my mother’s stilletos and her plastic rimmed oversized sunglasses at the age of 7.This love soon developed into an all consuming passion. I work in the Bangladeshi fashion industry doing PR for the leading make-up artist of the county. In this blog i will be writing about my experiences exploring the newly emerging fashion industry of Dhaka city as well as my take on the latest local and international trends.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Bini Says:

    Hi Aneeta,
    I really like ur subject.It will very glad to be familiar with ur experiences.And hope so ur blog may help out to well-known abt fasion industry………

  2. salmansaeed10photos Says:

    Aneeta nice blog,I like the simplicity of your site.Good to know that a friend like you knows so much about fashion.I hope in future we will be able to mix our creativity and produce some different type of underwater images for the Bangladeshi fashion industry.
    Keep up the good work.
    Take Care.
    Salman Saeed

  3. limana Says:

    I love your blog and wow!!! it seems that you know about the fashion world like the back of your hand. I specially like the tone of your blog, very easy and once I started reading, it was as if the words just seems to carry themselves.
    Good work.
    Limana Solaiman

  4. shahriar Says:

    ya good blog,you write lot about Bangladeshi fashion, which i know from your blog. thanks.

  5. artisticked Says:

    Kool and nice to know that….!!…..Anyway nice blog mate….!!…..3 cheers….!!

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