There is a reason why Aarong is at the forefront of the urban fashion-scene. Their innovative clothing line fuses ethnic wear with global trends using traditional Bangladeshi materials. This festive season,they celebrated their 30th Anniversary in a fashion show titled “Preview Eid 2008” on August 27th at the Radisson Water Garden Hotel Dhaka.

The company I work for (Farzana Shakil’s Lifestyle and Promotions Ltd.) was the make-up and styling partner for this event, so I was in a mad rush styling with the show’s producers, working with the models and just running around. I’m glad I got a special preview during the photo-shoot that was held earlier in the month since I was incredibly busy during the show to actually focus on the runway.

I was impressed by the various themes of the collection. Strong themes for the collection included a palette of 60’s flowers in bright colours matched with abstract patters screen printed on silks and crepes. This collection is called ‘Flower Power’.This unusual mix of patterns could turn out messy, but Aarong managed it in style. (more…)


VOGUE has drawn criticism for its 16-page spread on an array of luxury items from Fendi, Burberry, Miu Miu and more modeled by “real people”.

Many Articles have appeared on this issue including in The Independent and The New York Times.

VOGUE India Aug'08

VOGUE India Aug

When I first saw the photos, I found the juxtaposition of these luxury brands in the context of poverty very intriguing. I loved the grainy quality of Jean-Francois Campos’ photographs. High fashion broke class barriers. It was a welcome change to see real people on the pages of VOGUE instead of the usual posse of super(?) models. I consider it a valiant attempt by the Vogue India team to bring these status-symbol brands down from their celestial podium.

The captions of the photos contain the name of the brands displayed and no names of the people in them.Many have argued that this is a ridicule of the class difference between India’s rich and its urban poor.

VOGUE India Aug'08

VOGUE India Aug2008

Do you think that VOGUE is making a mockery of the underprivileged or is it just an artistic expression bringing fashion to the masses?

Is fashion making a calculated shift towards a more materialistic neo-imperial global system?

Its that time of the year again, when i can indulge in guilt free shopping sprees. Well me and eight zillion other people, seeing how crowded the shopping malls are these days. EID shopping is quickly becoming a fast way to a debt ridden October for me.

I like shopping at my own pace looking through tons of things before finally settling on the ones i want. Crowded malls are therefore not my favourite place in the world. I decided to check out ETC Fashion Exclusives, a store that opened earlier this year. The store with its open walkways and contemporary layout seemed like the perfect place for me to shop without being trampled under a crowd of shoppers.

The store carries clothing lines from well-known Indian designers such as Ritu Kumar, Satyapaul, Rohit Bal, Anamika Khanna, Shobha De and Biba. Bangladeshi fashion is well represented by designers such as Shahrukh Amin, Humaira Khan, Sabina Panni, Tootli Rahman and many more. They also carry a line of high-end diamond jewellery by ‘Jagirdaar’ who claim to work with diamonds from conflict-free zones. (more…)

"Google" saree

I was browsing the internet today and came upon one of my most fascinating fashion finds yet. Indian designer Satya Paul has designed a “Google” themed saree. The saree is part of his “POP ART” collection and the fabric is georgette with jacquard prints and embellished with beads and sequins. The saree features a web address (Satya Paul’s obviously) and search results.The ‘g’ in “Google” was replaced with an ‘o’ to spell “Oogle” possibly to avoid copyright issues.

Satya Paul’s refreshing take on fashion is evident through his innovative union of fashion and technology. I absolutely love this saree for its originality and not just because im an ardent fan of this designer. So for all you tech savvy fashionista’s out there, this saree is a fashion must-have.

Satya Paul’s clothing line is available in Dhaka at ‘Vasavi’ and ‘Etcetera Fashion Exclusives’. I have included the link for Satya Paul’s website where you can check out more details about his collections.

I spent the entire last week attending the various functions of my cousin’s wedding festivities. In true Bengali style there was a myriad of pre-events leading upto the actual event. Attending them all meant several wardrobe changes. Weddings are a time when women like to go OTT with their fashion choices.

I chose to be minimalistic for the “Sangeet” (Musical Night) and chose to debut my new saree from famed Indian designer Satya Paul. I love its grey and mustard abstract print on a cherry red background. All of Satya Paul’s sarees are works of art in themselves and don’t require much accessorising. For the next event, all the women were asked to wear traditional Jamdani sarees. (more…)